Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Slathering my face with diamond dust

A few weeks ago, someone gave me a handful of product samples for some skincare line I didn't recognize. Now, I buy enough cosmetics and beauty fluff to get more than my share of samples, so I didn't think much of these little bottles. They were a little bigger than your typical samples, at about .5 oz each.

I tried the skin creme first. It was the biggest of the three bottles, so I assumed it was hand cream. It went on thick and absolutely melted into my skin. I've been drenching my hands in it daily.

Next, I tried the face cream. I was wary, since my hormones think I'm still a teenager (fucking adult acne). But this stuff didn't disappoint. I started putting it on every night before bed, even though it smells a little like the inside of an old woman's handbag. It was lovely, so I started using the eye cream, too.

Tonight I realized that I'm addicted to all these lovely products, and I looked them up on the Internet to see where I'll have to go to find some more once the well runs dry.

I lost my marbles when I figured out that this stuff costs about $200 an ounce. AN OUNCE!!! TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! I've been plastering a freaking car payment to my face every night! Go see for yourself by clicking here.

Clearly, the cat needs to take on a job to pay for my habit.


Mary B. said...

Whoa. "The Caviar Collection." Is the secrt ingredient the tears of virgins and unicorn hair? Its like your friend gave you a "free" sample of heroin and will give you a good price on your next fix. Eek!

Brandi said...

Exactly, Mary B. They got her hooked. :P HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA sneaky bastards!

ronie said...

I want the skin cream with the jewel encrusted jar - it is only $2000.