Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reader discretion advised

I was perusing my favorite movie-review site, Pajiba, today when I clicked on one of the clips the site had posted. Usually, these are trailers for upcoming movies or funny YouTube videos of celebrities acting dumb. I didn't realize that I had stumbled into the worst public service announcement ever until I actually had to bite back a scream in my cubicle.

The PSA opened on a pretty female cook in a restaurant kitchen. She's busy prepping for service, and she paused to show off her gorgeous engagement ring while mentioning that she's going to get married this weekend.

Then she says something like, "But that's not going to happen, because I'm about to have an accident." She does the air quotes with her fingers when she says the word accident.

The camera angle swings around to show her full body in the galley kitchen. As she leans over the stove to pick up a huge stock pot of boiling liquid, she says, "It's my fault really. I should have cleaned up the grease myself."

That's when I noticed the dark puddle on the floor, a split second before she steps in it, falls backwards and dumps the entire stock pot of boiling hotness on her face. She screams horribly as the other cooks run over to her and yell, "Call 911. There's been an accident."

The last shot of the ad is of this woman's face melting off her head. More screaming.


I actually broke into a cold sweat when I watched the clip. I started to heave in my desk chair and was immediately angry... At the Canadian Workplace Safety folks who came up with such a horror flick. At my cherished Pajiba for not warning me about what I was going to see. (They gave no indication at all--just dropped the clip into the text like a trailer for this weekend's best flick.)

I sorta panicked and called the Chef to tell him to be careful at work today. I know that makes me a crazed dork, but I just had to call him in the kitchen. Gah.

No, I'm not posting the link on the blog. You can hunt it down if you need to see it. Blech.

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Mary B. said...

Whoa. That's horrible, Shug. I'm sorry that your day had to include such a moment of terror. Terrorizing the loved ones of the intended audience is a sorry way to get a message across.