Wednesday, February 23, 2005

lessons learned in philadelphia

lesson number 1... The competition between Pat's Cheesesteaks and Geno's Cheesesteaks is an entrenched and likely bloody, competition. These neon-covered take-out stands face cattycorner from each other, and when we visited, both had lines wrapping around the block. But these people don't take well to tourists who want to try a bite of both sandwiches. One of my friends squirted a little Geno's hot sauce onto her Pat's cheesesteak, and the guy behind the counter damn near gave himself a heart attack yelling at her in his best Sylvester Stallone angry-voice. Something about us bringing "that inferior sandwich" into his majestic, but greasy presence upset him. My friend offered to pay, but nothing much would get him to stop waving his spatula at her and screaming. So we ran away with our steaks and agreed that Pat's was definitely the better sandwich.

and lesson number 2... Lesbians make great wingmen. The girls who took me on this trip pushed me to the front of the crowd every time a straight boy appeared, and I had a great time flirting. It was like having my own cheering section at the Regional Coy Smile Championships. Woo-hoo!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

big sister advice

well, one of my baby sisters is turning 22 tomorrow, and i want to share some advice with her... (i'm sure she just broke out in a sweat.)

the novelty of being able to buy yourself a drink in any american bar will start to wear off TOMORROW. the next step toward honing your party skills is to start defining the drink you prefer. it took me awhile, but my most favorite drink in the world is the raspberry stoli vodka and tonic with two limes. it just doesn't get any more refreshing than that, and the fruity flavor is never overpowering. (this might seem trite in terms of life advice, but i wanted to offer my expertise in the only category i feel qualified. she can figure out her own direction with relationships, academia, her career, television preferences, ect;)

to prove that this is a legit bit of knowledge, here's a list of the folks who have certain drinks associated with them in my head:

keith1: brooklyn lager if abita amber's not around
logan: gin and tonic
keith2: vanilla stoli cosmo
regan: grey goose vodka and soda
brandi: vodka tonic
g-mom: bloody mary with crunchy tony c's on top
jeff: bud or some other wet beer
bill: guiness
patrick: pabst blue ribbon
katie: mojitos (white trash with seven up)
ronie: corona
peter: vodka tonic w/2 limes
stacey: red wine of any kind
lori: salty dog (vodka grapfruit juice?)
chris: makers mark on the rocks
gale: white wine spritzer
alison: hot chocolate with rum

if i were going to a bar to meet any of these folks, i would try to have these drinks ready for them.

so happy birthday, pumpkin! have fun figuring out which ones you like and which ones you can't stand. (like the tequila popper. ick!)

love, eb

Monday, February 14, 2005

eat some chocolate!

Happy Valentine's Day, folks! I'm the world's biggest sap when I'm twitterpated, so I've been giggling every time I spot some tough looking guy toting an armful of roses on the subway. And it's happened a lot today. I know people say this is a Hallmark holiday, but I say screw that! There are plenty of days that go by without any romance, so kick V day in the pants and go all out! Write a poem, pick some flowers, go see the Gates, eat some chocolate, cook dinner, make a card!

For the other singletons out there--and you're in good company--treat yourself to some good stuff too. I'm going to open the good bottle of wine, settle in for a girly movie and be glad I don't have to pick up anyone's dirty socks on Feb. 15.

Love, eb

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I didn't realize how much it would suck to miss New Orleans' Mardi Gras, but IT'S REALLY BAD! I'm homesick like never before for a place I only lived for two years. It's rainy down there, and I'm sure the same Bourbon Street gunk is clogging the tread on everyone's shoes down there, but I MISS MARDI GRAS!! I actually teared up a few times at work today -- once when the elevator-TV started showing pictures of King Zulu and some clown-haired revelers.

I'm wearing my favorite Muses throw - a red high-heeled bracelet - to the shows of fashion week, but it's not helping too much. There's no substitute for the parades, St. Augustine's marching band, beer in plastic cups, long strands of sparkly beads, crawfish and listening to all of your friends talk at once.

Maybe some of the models at the Nanette Lepore show will throw some beads into the crowd and get the party started tonight.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

my tiny quandry

what the heck do i wear to fashion week? i don't own clothes from the fashion houses i'll be watching, so should i just wear all black or what?

(i love that this silly thing is my biggest worry right now. knock on wood, things are really going great these days!)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

chocolate heaven

attention new york friends: get thee to the cupcake cafe at 39th and 9th Ave. for the best damn cupcake on earth. (i'm talking take-a-bite-and-blush here.) i recommend the chocolate icing on yellow cake, but suit yourself.

i'm now putting cupcakes on the best food in new york list. (pickles, pastrami sandwiches and pizza are the other outstanding foods on that list.)