Thursday, February 17, 2005

big sister advice

well, one of my baby sisters is turning 22 tomorrow, and i want to share some advice with her... (i'm sure she just broke out in a sweat.)

the novelty of being able to buy yourself a drink in any american bar will start to wear off TOMORROW. the next step toward honing your party skills is to start defining the drink you prefer. it took me awhile, but my most favorite drink in the world is the raspberry stoli vodka and tonic with two limes. it just doesn't get any more refreshing than that, and the fruity flavor is never overpowering. (this might seem trite in terms of life advice, but i wanted to offer my expertise in the only category i feel qualified. she can figure out her own direction with relationships, academia, her career, television preferences, ect;)

to prove that this is a legit bit of knowledge, here's a list of the folks who have certain drinks associated with them in my head:

keith1: brooklyn lager if abita amber's not around
logan: gin and tonic
keith2: vanilla stoli cosmo
regan: grey goose vodka and soda
brandi: vodka tonic
g-mom: bloody mary with crunchy tony c's on top
jeff: bud or some other wet beer
bill: guiness
patrick: pabst blue ribbon
katie: mojitos (white trash with seven up)
ronie: corona
peter: vodka tonic w/2 limes
stacey: red wine of any kind
lori: salty dog (vodka grapfruit juice?)
chris: makers mark on the rocks
gale: white wine spritzer
alison: hot chocolate with rum

if i were going to a bar to meet any of these folks, i would try to have these drinks ready for them.

so happy birthday, pumpkin! have fun figuring out which ones you like and which ones you can't stand. (like the tequila popper. ick!)

love, eb

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