Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's been a long time... I shouldna left you

I missed you, dear Internets. It's been too long.

Since my last post, about Miley Cyrus, of all things, I have been hopping.

--I went to a Cordova family reunion in Jersey and boogied with John's not-so-frail grandmother;
--I flew to Tennessee to watch my sister graduate with a Master's Degree. I'm still glowing with pride.
--My company league reminded me how to play softball and I remembered that it only takes 5 swings for me to start connecting with the ball;
--We hosted our first guests in the new guest room, including John's mom and dad and a friend from Princeton, separately of course;
--The Chef and I went to Jersey and watched Radiohead and Kings of Leon rock on stage. Radiohead no longer sounds like noise to me, and Kings of Leon grew impossibly cooler.
--Then tragedy struck, and my dearest Emily's dad suddenly died. She is still a Daddy's Girl, through and through. I suddenly felt very far away.
--Near the end of summer, I trekked to Arkansas to visit my family and Emily. Mary B. made the 12-hour drive down from the hills of Tennessee, and we hung out with mom and her sweetie to watch the Olympics, Dad in the hospital for knee surgery, Dee and Kirby in the pool and Mitchell in the car on the way to and from the hottest football practice in the history of the game. And Emily and I spent a night just talking, and the gap closed.

--Finally, for John's mid-30s birthday on Labor Day, we went to the US Open and bbq'd a little food on his new grill. He is the hottest 35 year old I know.

It's been a big summer, and I hope to catch up with you more often this fall.