Thursday, June 29, 2006

Try not to blow your thumb off!

Fireworks over Manhattan
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Happy 4th, guys!
I am so glad we're getting a four-day weekend! I've got a lot planned... My friend Keith is coming up from New Orleans to admire Madonna's twins from the third row, so I'll get to spend some time with the Big Easy crowd; I might lose $20 at a poker party; the beach is calling my name; and I sense a few afternoon naps in my future.

Catch you guys later.

Oh, and I took this picture on Puerto Rican Day while standing on the promenade in Brooklyn Heights.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Attack of the killer oven!

Fireman party at EB's!!
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Gibbons (in the picture) was one of eight firemen who dropped by the house last Saturday. I wish I'd been doing a photo shoot for next year's NYFD calendar, but instead they came by to see if my oven was trying to kill me.

My carbon monoxide alarm went off twice while John was making chicken jello (stock, you know, for sauce and other chef-y things). The second time it went off, I had a little headache--which could have been a touch of hangover--so I called the city's information line, 311.

They didn't even let me get my question out before transferring me to 911 and sending a flock of firemen to my door. They decided we should get the oven checked out before using it again, so they turned off the gas and left.

An hour later, the gas company showed up. Their guy waved a loudly beeping wand around the room and declared the oven to be an "immediate hazzard."

So John and I are eating energy bars and cold salads for dinner these days. And I didn't even manage to get any signatures on my firemen calendar.

Hopefully, my landlord will return my call soon and hire a new-oven fairy that delivers up three flights.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No time for sleep

Mary B. came up for one last visit before she heads off to Tennessee for graduate school. She's about to become my only family member with a grad degree. She's my favorite smarty pants.

While she was in town, we managed to eat...
pizza at Grimaldi's
fried chicken from the chef
ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery
octopus balls on East 9th Street
freeze-dried ice cream at the Natural History Museum. (blech. coffee creamer.)
and jellybellies from Dylan's Candy Store.

We also guzzled a few drinks, including...
licorice and blue coconut cocktails at Sushi Twist
frozen mojitos at Havana Outpost
margaritas at Dave and Buster's arcade (We killed a bunch of zombies there.)
one beer at Hank's Saloon, we escaped before the country music made Mary B.'s head explode
and jasmine milk bubble tea.

It was a wonderful visit, and I miss my baby sister so much. Good luck in grad school, pumpkin!

Friday, June 02, 2006

I thought Typingelbow had died

OMFG! I thought I accidentally offed Typingelbow just now. When I started my blogger account, I somehow created two blogs. One with 96 posts and one with only my first Blogger post.

When I joined YouTube today, I accidentally plugged in my gimpy Typingelbow blog and to fix it, I had to kill the less viable e-twin. I broke out in a sweat when I hit the scary button at the bottom the page, "DELETE THIS BLOG." I was afraid that I was fucking something up and would lose all of my posts. I hit the button and PANICKED when I couldn't get the page to show up again.

God, when did I start caring so much about this thing? I've only got about a five regular readers (Hi, Brandi, John, Mary... um. George. and. Alejandro) but it gave me a shock to think I might've erased everything.

Well, Typingelbow did not die today, and in fact, you three readers will be treated to more videos, now that I've figured out YouTube. However, I can't seem to reach any of my archives on the homepage. Well, who needs to read about my past anyway. Onward!!

UPDATE: The archives on the right are back in business. Now you can read the post about Pumba coming to live with me or the one about Jane Fonda's nipples.

A Friday funny

Titanic: The Sequel

This might be really old, but man, it made me laugh. Enjoy!