Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No time for sleep

Mary B. came up for one last visit before she heads off to Tennessee for graduate school. She's about to become my only family member with a grad degree. She's my favorite smarty pants.

While she was in town, we managed to eat...
pizza at Grimaldi's
fried chicken from the chef
ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery
octopus balls on East 9th Street
freeze-dried ice cream at the Natural History Museum. (blech. coffee creamer.)
and jellybellies from Dylan's Candy Store.

We also guzzled a few drinks, including...
licorice and blue coconut cocktails at Sushi Twist
frozen mojitos at Havana Outpost
margaritas at Dave and Buster's arcade (We killed a bunch of zombies there.)
one beer at Hank's Saloon, we escaped before the country music made Mary B.'s head explode
and jasmine milk bubble tea.

It was a wonderful visit, and I miss my baby sister so much. Good luck in grad school, pumpkin!

1 comment:

kabinnyc said...

You are the first person whom I ever heard of who has eaten octopus testicles. You are also the first person I've known who blogs about it! :)