Tuesday, July 26, 2005

His meow-er is broken too...

So I got a new kitty cat over the weekend. His name is Pumba, and he's about 8 years old. Generally, we're getting along great. He's super-fuzzy and loves to snuggle. And he has the softest hair of any kitty in history.

Still, he's got some issues. My cat is anorexic. He's turned his nose up at three kinds of food now, including the stinky wet stuff that makes most cats crazy. He walks by the dish to smell his food, but he's apparently worried about fitting into his leather pants, because he doesn't eat at all! I should have renamed him Lohan.

He's a big cat, so he doesn't look particularly skinny, but when you pet him, you can feel his ribs. I'm going to call BARC, the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition, and see if they have any advice for me. He's survived this long, so he must have been eating SOMEthing.

I put up a picture of him in the myspace photo section so you can admire him, or click here.

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