Saturday, July 02, 2005

a great week

This has just been a kick-ass week.

I met some new interesting people, including two awesome Episopal priests, an aspiring German actor and a witty Brit.
I reconnected with some old friends, including New Orleans' own editor of Pussycat Magazine. Oooh, and I saw another buddy perform in a play called Ladyhouse Blues, and the show was so good, I actually cried in the theater.
My stepmom came through a major back surgery without any complications.
I came up with some fun story ideas for work, which has been the hardest part of my job so far.
And I topped it all off today by laying on the beach for a few hours and getting some serious vitamin D therapy.

I'm rosy cheeked and happy.

Currently listening:
Sounds Of Summer - The Very Best Of The Beach Boys
By The Beach Boys
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