Tuesday, June 28, 2005

chivalry in the city

It took me a while to recognize some of the courteous gestures that men make here in the city. Maybe it sounds strange, but chivalry takes on a different look in a place as big as this.

Back home, a courteous date (at least on the first outing) might open the car door. He might also catch the door at the restaurant for her, and he'll probably watch her walk to her front door to make sure she gets inside without too many June bug attacks.

It's a little different here. In New York, courteous men watch the walking path for puddles, subway grates and sidewalk cracks. If there's a puddle, the guy might steer the chica out of the way so she doesn't catch one of those icky mystery drips that fall from scaffolding and air conditioners. Subway grates and sidewalk cracks tend to break heels, so considerate sweethearts are careful to walk over the grates themselves, sparing the possibly expensive shoes of his date. (Unless the guy is a cross-dresser and he's the one in heels. Adjust as appropriate, of course.)

I've also felt a little grateful flutter when I'm all dressed up and my date does the cab flagging/chasing. Sometimes you've got to get a little aggressive to catch a cabbie's eye, what with the arm waving and the lurching into the street. So when I'm all dolled up, I don't mind taking the princess route and letting the fella hail a ride.

Other dates have made me feel all girly by offering to carry my bag or purse after we've been walking through the city for a while. I don't usually take them up on this one, (My ipod is in there!!) but I'm always flattered. And, finally, up here, dates who want to go the extra mile (no exaggeration) have walked me to my subway stop, even if it's not the station they need to get home. I walk around the city by myself a lot, but I think it's a sweet gesture.

So maybe the fact that I'm wooed by these little things makes me a frilly princess. Oh well. I balance my own checkbook, take out my own trash, buy my own erotic novels and clean my own toilet. I'll take the ocassional mushy moment.

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