Sunday, July 31, 2005

kit kat update

It's been a week since the orange throw pillow named Pumba came to live with me. I think we're going to work out okay. My friend Beth, the cat whisperer, helped ease him into his new space by coming over to visit during the weekdays. She played shoestring with him and gave him a lap to snuggle in, and I'm pretty sure that her visits are the only reason Pumba decided to start eating (everything in sight) and drinking like a regular cat. He loves to sit on the table by the window, and he can't get enough snuggle time in my ever-growing pile of dirty clothes. And he only shit on the kitchen rug once, although he did make sure to rub it in a bit.

The thing about the Pumbinator is that he's old. The cat-lady at the shelter said he was eight or nine, but I doubt it. Pumba the Warthog hit the movie theaters in 1994, and I'm guessing that some kid named this sweetheart cat after the farty-but-loveable cartoon character pretty soon after the movie came out. So I bet this kitty is more like 10 or 11 years old. He has some trouble getting his back legs to cooperate after he’s been sleeping on them for a few hours. When he has trouble getting up on the couch, I always think of that scene in My Dog Skip when the puppy has gotten older and can’t jump up on things like he used to.

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