Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I didn't realize how much it would suck to miss New Orleans' Mardi Gras, but IT'S REALLY BAD! I'm homesick like never before for a place I only lived for two years. It's rainy down there, and I'm sure the same Bourbon Street gunk is clogging the tread on everyone's shoes down there, but I MISS MARDI GRAS!! I actually teared up a few times at work today -- once when the elevator-TV started showing pictures of King Zulu and some clown-haired revelers.

I'm wearing my favorite Muses throw - a red high-heeled bracelet - to the shows of fashion week, but it's not helping too much. There's no substitute for the parades, St. Augustine's marching band, beer in plastic cups, long strands of sparkly beads, crawfish and listening to all of your friends talk at once.

Maybe some of the models at the Nanette Lepore show will throw some beads into the crowd and get the party started tonight.

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