Monday, February 14, 2005

eat some chocolate!

Happy Valentine's Day, folks! I'm the world's biggest sap when I'm twitterpated, so I've been giggling every time I spot some tough looking guy toting an armful of roses on the subway. And it's happened a lot today. I know people say this is a Hallmark holiday, but I say screw that! There are plenty of days that go by without any romance, so kick V day in the pants and go all out! Write a poem, pick some flowers, go see the Gates, eat some chocolate, cook dinner, make a card!

For the other singletons out there--and you're in good company--treat yourself to some good stuff too. I'm going to open the good bottle of wine, settle in for a girly movie and be glad I don't have to pick up anyone's dirty socks on Feb. 15.

Love, eb

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