Sunday, November 11, 2007


The Chef and I started watching The Sopranos today. Disk one of season one.

I can see that we're going to get sucked into this series for weeks, just like we did with Six Feet Under, Deadwood and Veronica Mars.

When I told The Chef that I was going to blog about Tony Soprano, he said, "Be careful what you write about. Don't get us whacked."



Anonymous said...

Ah, "Veronica Mars."
Best. Show. Ever.
Have you watched Season Two, yet EB?

Mary B. said...

Getting whacked would be bad. Have you seen the A&E spoof of the Sopranos? It shows Sopranos-like behavior in a rural setting...a farmer starts his tractor and it expodes. Funny and strange all at the same time. :)