Thursday, November 01, 2007

Items on my desk

Of course, now that I've committed to blogging a fresh post every day, I'm drawing a blank about what to write. So here's a list of the stuff on my desk:
- a coffee mug full of my favorite pens; black and blue Bics that never gunk up and allow me to write fast, a bunch of red Pilot razor point pens, a pair of scissors, one mechanical pencil, a perfect nail file and one folded paper fan that brings out my Southern accent when I use it.
- two dozen half-used spiral notebooks, including one that's just for phone messages
- red and yellow post-it flags that I use obsessively
- at least 250 unfiled business cards
- two pictures of the Chef and I, smiling all goofy
- various doodles from phone conversations that ran too long (see picture)
- a half-full bottle of olive oil
- two paper calendars; one from my purse and another that stays at work
- a 20-year old Canon calculator that is yellowed with use
- a dozen reference books; everything from Webster's dictionary to Zagat's last five surveys
- a foot-deep stack of read newspapers
- and one bamboo plant that needs to be sprayed for spider mites


Brandi said...

olive oil?

Mary B. said...

Do you often have olive oil emergencies?