Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An informal poll

It's two days before Thanksgiving, and I haven't even bought the pecans needed for the Texas Pecan Pie recipe I'm making, let alone started my Christmas shopping. And my family is bigger than ever this year... there's a lot of shopping to be done!

How are you guys doing this year? Are you already finished shopping (ahem, Mary B.) or are you putting those lists off until after the turkey sandwiches are gone?


Brandi said...

Well, I tried something last year for the christmas shopping. It's called, "Get everything, no really, EVERYTHING at Amazon." And it was successful. This year, I'm doing the same thing. So, when I have a minute in-between file saving or other tasks, I go on Amazon and look around. I save possible purchases in a shopping list I have designated as "Xmas 2007." Then, nearer to crimmus, I will determine my budget, go thru, weed out, and finally purchase.

Brandi said...

Oh, and I thought your turkey looked familiar, so I did the MyHeritage "find your look alike" thing.

These are the results.


Mary B. said...

Several events that kind of altered our lives prompted me to get a jump on my Christmas shopping. I enjoy holiday crowds at the mall, but only when I'm not having to wait in line with them. I got all of my main gifts done and now I'm having a nice time finding stocking stuffers. My budget is skimpy, so I'm picking fun stuffers to make up for it. I figured that my usual shopping partner would enjoy her first holiday where she could write her first "from Mr. and Mrs." ;)

Ronie said...

Are you kidding? Shopping? Shane had a Christmas carol recital on Nov. 19 - not even Thanksgiving yet. I do admit to having one Buzz Lightyear doll and one magnetic ballerina in the closet.