Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dirty Bingo on a cold day

We're headed over to John's Grandma's house for macaroni and pot roast, and then we're coming back to Aunt Diane's for "Dirty Bingo." Although it sounds like a game I played in college, I'm pretty sure we'll all keep our clothes on.

John and I went to Costco to buy the gifts we needed for Dirty Bingo, and it was my first visit to that store. It was like a warehouse of impulse buys! I found myself wanting to fill my cart with cases of cookie batter, tomato sauce and cartons of half-and-half. The store had everything! But you couldn't buy just one of anything. Every item was sold in a bundle. I showed as much restraint as possible and only bought 15 pairs of rainbow socks, a case of Orbitz Sweet Mint gum and a red sweater. I could've happily gone crazy in there, though. There's just something about 32 Diet Cokes for $8...

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ryssee said...

My beau just bought the membership. We're not married and we have no kids and we have two cats. The place scared the crap out of me. But, we have been happy with the 40-pack of paper towels, the 40 lb cases of cat litter, and the 48-packs of 15 calorie popsicles.
Happy nablopomo, that's where I found your blog!