Sunday, November 25, 2007

Icicles in Brooklyn

Our heat has been off for about two days now, so we're using every excuse to keep the oven warm. Today, I made two batches of cookies and two pizzas (Ronie's Southwest chicken recipe). Tomorrow night, I'm seriously considering making beef stew, which is a six-hour process, just so we won't freeze while we wait for the handyman to come by on Tuesday.

In the meantime, John and I might play rock-paper-scissors to see who has to get into bed first and warm up the icy sheets. If I lose the draw, I might plant my hairdryer next to the bed. When I was growing up in my mom's house, my room was the last one on the circuit to get any heat. I could see my breath in there on really cold nights. So, I got into the habit of sticking the hairdryer under the sheets for a few minutes, while being careful not to let the sheets get sucked into the hairdryer vent. In no time, the bed was toasty, and I'd burrow down in the blankets and lock the heat in.

At least I've got a secret weapon until Tuesday.


Brandi said...

hairdryer! never thought of that!

Mary B. said...

An electric Blanket might work too. I hope they fix your heat before it starts to snow! You could also do some experimental batches of homemade bread sans bread machine. ;)

Ronie said...

I am honored that you make my pizza and it made your blog. Enjoy the good cuddle time!