Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Good morning, sunshine

The Pumbatron

My normally cheerful demeanor was slightly dampened today for one reason:

Cat yak.

At 2:33 a.m., I startled awake to the noise of Pumba retching up a hairball. On my pillow. Beside my face.

At the first gurgling snort from Orange Leader, I sat straight up and scooped the cat off the bed in one motion. Everyone else in the room launched into action, too. John sprung up to get paper towels, and Sophie and Maggie ran over beside the cat to wait for the treats that were surely about to spring from the cat's mouth.

John corralled the girls away from Pumba as I tried not to throw up on the cat while he was throwing up on the floor. Wipe up and toss. Everyone went back to sleep.

4:55 a.m. ... replay! This time we get considerably more icky grosstastic barf out of the cat. Hooray.

It's nap time.


Brandi said...

DUDE! it must be cat puke day!

I woke up to Nygel throwing up oodles and gobs at 5:30am. He puked 5 times. The last two were glorious bile.


Mary B. said...

And here I was wistfully wishing for a kitten of my own. No more! Orange Leader and the White Dog crew will be more than enough for me. Urp! :D