Sunday, January 04, 2009

Game Night

Apparently, I come by my brown eyes naturally. I spent Saturday night playing board games with some friends in Astoria, and it was a hoot! We played Malarky first, since the game's owners said it's best to play while everyone's still fairly sober. Basically, it's a quiz game based on bluffing. After the question is read, one person draws the card with the actual answer, and everyone else draws a bluff card and has to make up an answer that sounds plausible.

The whole game is knee-deep in bullshit because you get points for calling other people's bluff and also for getting the other players to believe your malarky answer.

Well, I was a natural at pulling convincing BS answers out of thin air, and I was fairly good at calling other folks' bluff, too. I thought the advertising guy might sweep us all, but no, it was the journalist who BS'ed her way to the top. Hahahaha.

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