Thursday, February 02, 2006

Yes. I am cruel

I bought a cute magnet, shown as a poster here, to put on my refrigerator. It's called Love is Colorblind, and I thought it would be funny to see what John said about it since his reds and greens all seem to look pink. Well, he was with me when the package came, so I gave it to him. Now, this is proof that I'm a cold-hearted BIOTECH who will surely bear children that will suffer my bad karma, but I just fell on the floor laughing when he stared at it and couldn't see the heart. I kept screaming that Love is Blind!!!, and I just got a case of the giggles that almost killed me.

So I figured that when John asked me to take a picture of my refrigerator, he was planning to joke about either the magnet or my habitual need to cover white space with nostalgic, dusty mementos. The expected blog came this morning, and yes, he was ready to poke some fun at me for laughing at the colorblind. But OMG!!! He posted a link to a colorblind magnet on, and SO HELP ME, HE PICKED THE WRONG MAGNET! And he can't see it to know that it says "18" instead of a heart. See for yourself at John's blog. I am gathering bad karma with a bulldozer right now... I just can't stop laughing about this.

Help me. I love this wonderful colorblind man.


Mary B. said...

Cruel, yet lovable. I'm glad that neither one of you was born with webbed toes, you'd die laughing from all of the duck jokes. :)

Megan said...

Yeah, you're going to hell. What a bad girlfriend! Bad bad!!
So who is this mystery man, EB -- is he coming to NOLA with you? Do you have a costume yet?