Saturday, February 11, 2006


There's a blizzard coming tonight, so John and I are running out to the store to buy food to cook tomorrow. Three cheers for being snowed in with a chef!!

Also, three big cheers to my sister, Mary B., for kicking the GRE's ass!

And four cheers for my dad for passing his own test. I am so proud of you, Pop!


turbo said...

Be sure to stock up on bread, milk and eggs. Not that you'll need's just a southern tradition! (A little vodka too)

typingelbow said...

We've got vodka, port and champagne, just in case we get snowed in through Monday. I'm praying for big snow!!

Mary B. said...

Snow days also require fresh popcorn, hot chocolate, good movies, and baked bread. Stock up! :)