Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tired on Fat Tuesday

It's been quite a week, guys. I've had hilarious fun and seen some awful destruction. I'll have pictures for you, probably by the weekend. Except for one shrimp po-boy and some sushi, I photographed everything I ate at Mardi Gras, from the homemade jambalaya to the parade-route corn dog. I'm giving up cigarettes for Lent, and I drank a couple of extra bloody marys for good measure.

I am happy that I still have a home in New Orleans.

Talk to you more soon.


Mary B. said...

Mmmm...corndog. Looking forward to the tale of EB in Mardi Gras.

Michael L. Hess said...

Was there anything better than the housefront "restaurant" in the Treme with the oxtail, crab-boiled chicken, dirty rice, corn and the soulful live rendition of "You've Got a Friend" on a boombox after a Fat Tuesday of drinking and mayhem in the French Quarter? For my money, there wasn't.

Chris said...

Good to have you back, my dear!