Thursday, January 06, 2005

no snow in brooklyn

yesterday our office was buzzing with warnings of snow and sleet and ice and general wintery blusters. six inches, they said! just wait and see, you'll need snow boots tomorrow, they said! so, being from the South, where the only winter precipitation that falls turns to black ice and ruins the roads, i got all excited thinking i would get to experience my first real snowy day.

well, they got some inches in westchester, where most of my coworkers live, but we got no snow at all in brooklyn. not even a fairy dusting, dammit!! i actually woke up early this morning, just to catch the sight of my neighborhood covered in white, but it was just wet.

this is my first real winter, and so far, it's not living up to my expectations. (cue the arctic blast from canada to punish my complaining.)

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