Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Little Rock, here I come

I just made my first major flub of the wedding planning.
I woke up productive this morning, so I've been working on printing invitations. As my printer turned those out, I decided to multi-task and book a flight for the shower in Little Rock. As I was clicking BUY TICKET on, I thought to myself, "This seems familiar."
Turns out, I had already booked a ticket directly through an airline.
I called Expedia, prepared to grovel and plead for the sake of my wedding budget. But they just let me off the hook--canceling the flight and refunding the price of the ticket and the booking fee. They are awesome!

There are lots of new pictures up at Flickr. Check out The Year of the Boar and Christmas with Mom and Mary.


Brandi said...

beautiful pictures, chickadee! I can't wait til it's spring and we both get our cameras out and go take peetchars!!!!

Christopher said...

good stuff. glad they refunded your flub.

stellaforstar said...

talkabout an OVERplanner

ronie said...

How about just keeping the ticket and coming to see us TWICE. Double the EB is always a good thing

ab said...

I agree with Ronie!!!

Mary B. said...

Lovely. That Tiffany glass is gorgeous! Double booking? You really have been busy! :)