Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ganging Up on the Sun

Forgive me for being out of touch this last week or so. The Chef's parents came into town, and we've been squealing about the wedding. We're full-on planning the details now.

I have been blissfully ignorant about this process and had no idea that so many decisions go into each part, even a simple invitation. Apparently the font on the invitation -- just the style of the type! -- tells the wedding guests volumes about your wedding. Like traditional or contemporary; hors d'oeuvres or sit-down dinner; ball gown or Daisy Dukes.

I know squat about fonts, except that I think the one I'm using here has serifs.

Anyway. About the title of this blog...

While I've been running around busy, I've discovered a new favorite band: Guster. Their CD, Ganging Up on the Sun, makes me 10 kinds of happy and I've listened to nothing else for two weeks. The Chef gets credit for discovering this one.

This is the way I hear Lightening Rod:
Standing on a building
I am a lightening rod
and all these clouds are so familiar.
Decending from the mountaintops
the Gods are threatenting
but I will return an honest soldier.

Steady on this highrise
like every lightening rod
and all these clouds are boiling over.
Swimming in adrenaline,
the sky is caving in.
I will remain an honest soldier.


Mary B. said...

What font have you chosen? If you go with Impact, you're wedding will be an edgy, futuristic one. (I had to do a report on that font in college... yay, typography!)
Interesting song, is Lightening Rod. :)

ronie said...

Is this a Daisy Duke wedding? You know I can't do that - I can do Uncle Jessie!

Christopher said...

oh the joys of wedding planning. we saved a fortune printing our invites on the OKI here in the garage. Shhh, don't let anyone know we're cheap!