Thursday, March 27, 2008

A night with Maggie and Sophie

I heard that yesterday's video of Sophie and Maggie made my very sick Grandmother smile. So here's a handful more that I took with the girls tonight. They are such hams. (Sorry in advance for my loud voice over the shots. I swear I sound like a Muppet.)

This is the welcome-wagon that greets John and I at the door everyday:

Then, I ask them the most rhetorical question ever: "Do you wanna go for a walk?"

Our caravan down four flights of stairs looks something like this:

The actual evening walk... well, 30 seconds of it.

I told you that my voice sounded like a Muppet. Think of John!! He has to listen to this earnest squeaking every day for the rest of his life! Someone buy this man a consolatory beer!

And going back upstairs, where the food lives:

The last one is a little long, but it shows off Sophie's mad hunting skills...

Grandmother, our little branch of the family is getting along beautifully. Thanks for trusting us to take care of the girls. They are a joy.

Update: My grandmother passed away this morning. Carolyn A. Butler, rest in peace.


Mary B. said...

And now I'm crying...that was so sweet. You are an excellent mommy. I love you.

stellaforstar said...

the dogs are adorable, and you're a great grand-daughter for giving them such a good home in the 'hood. my sympathies to youuuuu. xo