Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meet the Girls

Maggie and Sophie have settled right into our little Brooklyn apartment, and they are just joyous little dogs.

Sophie, the oldest, cleans the kitchen floor every single day, hoping that The Chef dropped a morsel just for her.

Maggie is a little needier, and she starts trying to climb into my lap before I've even started to sit down.

They have been so much fun that I don't mind grabbing their still-warm poop with only a skimpy plastic bag to use as a glove. It must be love.


Mary B. said...

It must be love. You can hear it in your voice as you laugh at them in the video. :)

Sue T said...

Of course it is love. Or you just like the feel of the warm squishy stuff. Chuck and I are going to try and show the video to your grandmother today. I am here for a couple of days to see her.