Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My first memory

My earliest memory is about my dad teaching me how to say my name.
We were in a sunny, yellow bedroom. He was sitting on a bed with a white bedspread, leaning over with his face close to mine.
He would say my name with long syllables, E-Lis-A-Beth, and I would repeat it back to him. I must have been having trouble with it, because it seems like he kept saying it slowly for me, over and over.
I was probably just one or two years old, and I have no idea which house it was... maybe on Faulkner Street in El Dorado.

What's your earliest memory?


Miguelito de Albuquerque said...

My earliest memory is not a good one. I was being spanked. It is one of the only memories I have living with my foster parents. They told me they only spanked me once...I can't remember what for but I do remember getting hit on the butt with the flat of a hair brush. Tia (my foster mom) told me later that I was so surprised that I didn't even start to cry for a full minute or so.

My next full memory is playing with the person who would eventually become my father. Before you go "Awwwwww" just know that this was a man who would eventually cause me much pain in my life. But of course then I couldn't have known that. I was throwing a beach ball back and forth with him, and I kept throwing it in the fountain. He was not amused, I think. It was one of the visits we had before I was adopted.

Brandi said...

I think mine is either when i was probably 4 or 5 and i was either at my dad's office party or just office and he was carrying me around. i had a moose mask on. i remember making people laugh. i also remember people saying, "oh she looks just like you!"

the other one was (not sure of the age) but i remember seeing a taxidermied fish on the wall, pointing at it and saying, "Fish."

Mary B. said...

First memory? Having a late night glass of milk while sitting on the kitchen counter while Mom and Dad try to get me to go back to sleep. Might have been Heron Drive...
As for your name, it was a mouthful. All of your younger sibling called you, "Sissy," until we could handle Elisabeth. :)

Anonymous said...

All of the younger sibling's still call you sissy. I remember the yellow....but, I too have forgotten which house. We moved alot in those days.........