Thursday, August 23, 2007

Manning the fruit stand

I was standing outside with a buddy today when a short man walked over from his fruit stand.
"You stand here? I will be back in one minute. One minute."
"Okay," I said.
"Poor guy must have to pee," friend said.
So there we stood. No one stopped at first, and we were looking around for the little guy to return when a suited fellow picked up a banana and looked around for the owner. No sign of the fruit man, so I walked over and took his 75 cents for a banana and a nectarine.
Suddenly, everyone on the block wanted to buy fruit. In three minutes, I sold two pounds of cherries, another banana, two grapefruits and an apple -- $10 worth of fruit! (Not counting the tall guy who swiped a lychee.)
Behind the crowd, I saw the fruit guy running back to the stand. I was happy to see him, since he didn't give me any change and one of the cherry-buyers only had a $20.
But it was a fun New York moment! I'll keep it in mind as a back-up career.


Mary B. said...

That's so cool!!! You could sell snowballs in Hell, my dear. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

That could only happen to you!! From the photo it looks like ya'll get better fruit variety than we do here. Love you....DAD

stellaforstar said...

um, he didn't give you a cut???