Monday, July 10, 2006

Six Feet Under

Warning: Spoiler Alert! If you've never seen Six Feet Under in its entirety, stop reading now, go put all five seasons at the top of your Netflix queue and start watching immediately. You'll thank me later.

I missed the entire Six Feet Under phenomenon when it aired on HBO the first time. Thanks to the miracle of Netflix, I too have just had my emotions wrangled by all five seasons of this amazing show.

John and I would watch at least two episodes on the nights we received the Netflix delivery, and we watched four in a row more than once.

I really miss the characters, even though they pissed me off more than I thought television could. In the end, I thought Brenda was the most admirable and Claire the most matured.

I played "Transatlanticism" by Death Cab yesterday and cried all over again.

A question for those of you who have already seen season 5.... was Maggie pregnant when she was on the phone with Ruth? If so, Nate had the strongest swimmers in history!

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