Thursday, July 27, 2006


Know what's funny? Watching a bunch of stoned girls sing the James Bond theme song using only the word vagina.

VA va va va va VA VA va va va va VAH va va VA-GIN-A!! dum da dum....

I almost fell on the floor laughing when I saw that bit last night during a preview of Shout! The Mod Musical, an off-Broadway show that opens tonight.

The play is about five women coming of age during the 1960's, and it follows each woman's storyline as they sing songs that were popular in England back then. I knew about half of the songs, but I think my Mom would recognize them all.

I loved Green Girl's sweet-n-slutty role, but Red Girl was definitely the funniest, even though I saw the understudy in the role.

The show gets a little sloppy with the British accents, but the singing is powerful. I got chills during Yellow Girl's rendition of "A Preacher's Son."

Take your mom or aunt to this one and see if she can keep from clapping along during the last few songs.


Chris said...

C'mon, Red is always the best, without fail. ;)

stellaforstar said...

i liked red girl's "to sir with love." yeahhhhh

Mary B. said...

Awesome. I'd like to see that someday. :) Now I have the vagina-ized Bond theme playing in my head. Always fun.