Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Five Senses of Vermont

John and I took a road trip with some friends to Vermont for Memorial Day weekend. Six hours and five diet cokes later, we rolled up to the big house on the hill and marveled at the weather. It couldn't have been more gorgeous.

Sight: Sailboats on the sparkling water.
Sound: The wind streaming over the top of the convertible's windshield.
Smell: Chicken and ribs on the barbeque.
Touch: The sun warming my shoulders as I paddled the canoe.
Taste: We house was filled with foodies, so we ate very well. 15 different cheeses, lush salads, pate, roasted corn, strawberry rhubarb pie and ribs so good they made me tear up a bit.

UPDATE: I took the picture of the dog in the sidecar at a gas station on our way to Lake Champlain, and the sunset shown from Julie's backyard.

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