Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Flashback to age 11

Yesterday I got dust on my new cleats, and it felt so good.

I joined my company's softball team, and although I hadn't touched a bat in something like 20 years, I had a great time trying to hit the ball and talking smack to the other team. (I played catcher and some made-up position called "middle-center." I basically stood right next to the action during the whole game and screamed for my fellow teammates.)

We lost by seven runs. But it was so cool to pretend that I was back in the sixth grade (the last time I played softball.) This time, I didn't care that I'm not great at the game... it was just fun to haul ass to first base when I got a tiny hit.

We'll see how the season unfolds... I've got a dozen more games to go.

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Mary B. said...

That is so cool!! I want to eat a corndog, drink lemonaide, and scream my head off as you play! Does you team have a name? I can't even picture what a softball field in New York looks like. :D