Monday, December 10, 2007

An update on my holiday checklist

-Make a gift list and start shopping.
-Ask rest of family for gift ideas for Dad, since he only ever asks for socks and underwear.
-Drink copious amounts of eggnog and/or mulled wine.
-Hang stockings by the chimney with care – well, by the sofa, anyway.
-Decorate tiny Christmas tree.
-Pick tree needles out from under fingernails.
-Wrap Christmas presents.
-Curse the clear tape’s mother for sticking to everything but the wrapping paper.
-Tear the house apart looking for a gift I hid from the Chef (and myself).
-Realize that I left that particular gift on the store counter two weeks ago. Go back and get it.
-Contemplate buying the cat a Christmas collar with jingly bells, then decide against stripping him of his dignity.
-Watch It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown and the animated version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Still Yet To do:

-Surprise the Chef with bushels of mistletoe in the apartment.
-Read the Christmas story from the old book itself.
-Watch It’s a Wonderful Life.
-Finish Christmas cards.
-Mail presents and pack a suitcase for the post-Christmas holiday bash at D.J. G-mom’s house in Tulsa, Okla.


Mary B. said...

You are on a roll! Pumba lost all dignity when he shaved his hiney. On with the bells!

The California Cordova's said...

Look's like your mail for Santa's Presents....see you in January

Love and Merry Christmas