Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, guys

My family seems more spread out than ever this Thanksgiving. We are staking claim to five states now, with no plans to get everyone together. Instead, we are all making our own plans. The chef and I are making dinner with our New York friends, and some of the Arkansas/Oklahoma people are getting together later this weekend. Others are spending this Thanksgiving alone.

I hope that everyone in my family knows that I love them and that I miss them.

Happy Thanksgiving, family.


Mary Ann said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys to. I really need to send Johnny a book on how to tell time...when it's 10am in NYC is 7am in California !!!

California Mom

mary said...

My turkey took the form of an awesome pizza and instead of watching football, I watched cheesy movies that I could never convine my family to watch with me. Not a bad way to spend the Big Gobbler Day. :)