Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Kissing pumpkins
Originally uploaded by typingelbow.
Yay for pumpkin carving! Double yay for not cutting your finger off while pumpkin carving!

There are lots of new pictures up at my flickr page. Head over there to see pictures of John and I on our engagement night. I am floating about two feet off the ground.


Mary B. said...

Aw, even you pumpkins are lovey dovey. That on top of my left over Halloween candy may put me into sugar shock. :)

Anonymous said...


When are you going to bring your own personal chef to F'burg to intro him to US?

This is such a wonderful thing! We are in total support....but Mike C and I have to give him the once over b4 you have our approval. ;)

Paul & Sherry

Anonymous said...

hi elisabeth...you have NO idea who i am but i hope that will change in the near future. i'm a friend of john's. i went to church with him during our high school years so we go way back. he just called me the other day to tell me of the wonderful woman in his life and that she was nice enough to say yes to the big question :-) congratulations on your engagement!! i am very happy for you both. knowing john, i am sure you're freakin' awesome and i can't wait to meet you soon.

~Jen Chough (enjoying the still 80 degree weather in southern california)