Saturday, March 04, 2006

The food. Oh, the foooood!

My mouth is watering. I remember slurping the oysters out of their cold shells and burning my lips with the boiled crawfish. Both go well with ice cold Abita beer.

I ate shrimp and oyster po'boys, Zapp's potato chips, and turkey sandwiches dressed with lettuce, tomato and mayo. I had a bowl of marvelous shrimp and grits and devoured all the dilly beans and green olives I could find.... luckily, a lot of them were hiding in Bloody Mary's. Yay!

Except for one shrimp po'boy, a sushi dinner, and a homemade meal of steak and potatoes that Keith made, I took pictures of everything I ate during Mardi Gras.
Here is the slideshow.

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Mary B. said...

It all looked so good! I really want some crawfish now. *Drools*