Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Warning about the iPod

I've made an unfortunate discovery about using my iPod in the wintertime. Maybe it's the polyester lining in the wool pants I'm wearing, or it could be the long wool coat I just bought, but my iPod has been delivering more than just Sam Cooke's crooning today. Every time I take a few steps, my earbuds shock the inside of my ears with static electricity.

Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts--ZAP!!

Sometimes it's a little shock. (ow?)
But then I shift my bag to get my Metrocard or something, and it pops me for real. (OW!! WTF WAS THAT?!)

I might try carrying a couple of dryer sheets in my coat pockets.... does anyone have a better idea?

At least I don't have it as bad as this guy.


brandi said...

Try putting your ipod in your bag, rather than your coat. Don't complete the circuit, in other words.

jac said...

Try it standing in a puddle of water, or under a tree in the rain, oh... or by a giant aluminum coil. You could always just hum a long without it.

Mary B. said...

Good lord 'n' butter...Have you been getting baby scale electro-shock therapy? I would have wet my pants the first time or two. Eek!

turbo said...

I'm Shocked by your reVOLTing experience.