Monday, November 28, 2005

A frosty Thanksgiving

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I had a crazy-busy Thanksgiving this year.... I spent Thursday morning drinking Bloody Mary's with Brandi and Megann while we watched the Macy's parade from an office window high above Times Square. Then, I called the whole family and talked about how I wished I could be with them to eat all the olives.

By 3 p.m., I had hopped a train to eat turkey with my adopted family in New Jersey. We watched the Wizard of Oz and stuffed ourselves.

On Friday, I got back on the train, this time with Pumba in tow, and Megann, Brandi and I made our way to Westchester. There, we met Julie, who drove us all the way up New York's backside and across Lake Champlain into Vermont. (Did you know that Vermont is shaped like a "V"? I didn't.) We took over the house for the weekend and tried not to think about how the place must surely be haunted. It's on top of a hill, surrounded by icy water and fast winds. We all told ghost stories after the first night of sleeping there. The place was amazing, though, and I wasn't ready to leave. Thanks for taking us on a mini-vacation, Julie!!

Wanna see the weekend for yourself? Go here.


jac said...

Wow, that's a pretty sweet place in Vermont. I can see why the ghoasts like it.

turbo said...

Pretty up there....but cold?
Looks like you had a blast!!

demento#1 said...

good times, good times. love ya hon! Great phoots! (yes, photos)

Mary said...

Awesome pics, EB! The way the frost was growing in sideways spikes was pretty neat. The house looks kind of scary too. Good thing you never watched the 1960's movie, "The Haunting." Thanks for sharing!