Monday, August 15, 2005

side effects of the patch

several of my friends already know this, but i am trying to quit smoking... again.

i decided to try the patch this time, and i put one on for the first time last night. i went with the medium-strength version since i smoke less than half a pack a day. i'm 12 hours into it, and things seem to be going well so far... i'm chewing a LOT of gum.

but the patch has some weird side effects, one of which my friend megann warned me about... you can sometimes have "vivid" dreams while you're on the patch. i was skeptical, but my dreams last night were like movies! in one, i dreamed that i was sitting on the bank of a pond on my paw-paw's farm, watching my dad and my brother swimming at sunset. while they swam around and laughed, i was watching for -- get this -- hedgehogs in the water. not water moccassins... hedgehogs. rabid little things, i suppose.

weird, no? i might start a dream journal to keep up with some of this stuff.

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